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The charm of yesterday provides inspiration today

In addition to my home base in Wolfurt, IRMHILD has become the new outstation for my communication office in Bregenz. I’ve turned this vintage apartment from the 1950s into a thought workshop with an office, a meeting room, and a guest room. This is where I do my work as a business consultant and author.

Art of Hosting
I am also the host of this one of a kind shared space within close proximity to the mountain and the lake. The shared space of this retro-design apartment in a prime location in the heart of Bregenz is nearly 100 m² and provides plenty of possibilities for interactions, similar to the shared space strategy for traffic and transport.

The meeting room and the guest room can be booked all year round, and the entire apartment can be rented during school holidays.


Jahnstraße 20/51
6900 Bregenz



Karin Guldenschuh,
Gerhard Vonach,

Click here to learn more about booking IRMHILD as a meeting location: Convention Partner Vorarlberg